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The Times-Picayune changes: Retreat or rebound?

This week, The Times-Picayune of New Orleans announced that its home-delivery subscribers, who were cut back to three days a week in the fall of 2012, would be getting two “bonus” home-delivered papers — Saturdays and Mondays — at least through the end of football season this year. Also, the paper would switch back to

5 tips for print newsrooms shifting to online focus

If the announcements from Digital First Media and the San Francisco Chronicle are any indication, the rest of America’s newspapers are waking up to the reality that Advance Digital figured out a few years ago: Future success in news depends on adapting to online, and that means cutting loose from the print mindset. Steve Buttry,

Welcome to the digital future, Digital First and San Francisco Chronicle

In the last few days, the tide seems have turned in America’s newspaper newsrooms. The San Francisco Chronicle’s managing editor, Audrey Cooper, talked in detail about the paper’s plans to revamp its focus: “You look around this newsroom and it looks like it did in that photo in 1958,” she said. “The only thing that

CJR flings another handful of poo at and Advance Digital

I’m assuming there’s a dartboard in the offices of the Columbia Journalism Review that has Advance Digital or one of its top bosses in the bullseye, because at least two of its staff — Ryan Chittum and Dean Starkman — seem to be determined to poke as many holes in the Newhouse company’s plans as

How to turn website statistics into newsroom change

Once Stijn Debrouwere got through ridiculing the way the news industry uses website data, he did get to some positive approaches. Here’s one weird trick I learned from Eric Ries. No, it’s actually more like a four-step program. figure out what is important to your organization, what your goals are think of a couple of

5 things I think about the end of ‘’, which started four years ago as a one-off experiment and ended up changing all of Advance’s newspapers, is going away as a brand. Its staff will continue to produce online news and the twice-a-week paper (now to be called, once again, The Ann Arbor News). But the site will be folded into the statewide

The Plain Dealer’s big changes, explained

Today, Cleveland becomes the latest city to see the result of Advance Digital’s strategy. Many of the headlines about that will, I expect, focus on the number of people who are no longer working for The Plain Dealer. I’m one of them. But this is a man bites dog story: I’m leaving, but I like

Newspaper layoffs and Journalism Jenga

I see a lot of online angst about the chopping of close to 50 jobs at The Plain Dealer, my former employer. Fair enough; that’s a lot of people — a lot of good people. And according to reports, 20 more were cut at the weekly Sun papers, also owned by Advance and soon to